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A Brief History of Millers Close

Explore the history of Millers Close. Read how we found our name, who the cottages where named after and how long the property has been in the Morgan Family.


Our Connection to the 18th Century Flax Industry

Millers Close got its name after an old flax mill that employed many local people back in the 18th Century.

The mill sat at the edge of the Shimna river, which is around 100 yards from the cottages.


The cottages are replacement dwellings replacing an old country farmhouse. 

The Morgan Family and Ownership

Millers Close has been owned by the Morgan family from Kilcoo for over 200 years, since the early 19th century.

The current owner is PJ Morgan who opened the Holiday Cottages on Tuesday 4th April 2001 with his wife Majella and daughter Jacinta who manages the property today. 

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in April 2021


How the Cottages Got Their Names

Each individual cottage was christened after children that grew up on the property back in the 40’s and 50s:


Maggie’s Cottage (2 bedroom)

Pat’s Cottage (2 bedroom)

Jimmy’s Cottage (3 bedroom).

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